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The state ensemble of folk song and dance of Adyghea «Islamey» was organized in 1991.

The founder and art director of the ensemble is the People's Artist of Russian Federation, Republic of Adyghea,  Republic of Karatchaevo-Circassia, the Honoured Artist of Kuban and Republic of Kabardino-Balkaria, the Laureate of the State Prize of Republic of Adyghea - the composer Aslan Nekhay.

The main idea of the organization of the group is the revival and care of the adygean folk songs.

The state ensemble of folk song and dance of Adyghea "Islamei" became the symbol of the spiritual culture of Adyghea, and is considered as a unique art group, which has no analogues in the musical culture of the multinational Russia. Its uniqueness is in the presence of musical innovations, where the mixture of different kinds and styles is used without destroying the nature and integrity of the adygean folk song.

Following its main idea "Islamei" increases its own professional level of singing as well as the respect to Adyghe people. The Adygean folk song becomes international due to "Islamei" and numerous performances on the best stages of Russia, Turkey, Jordan, Israel and participation in many Russian and international festivals are the evidences of it.

1992 - the folk festival in Bandirme (Turkey). The laureate of the festival.

1992 - took part in the Gala-concert in the State Central Concert Hall "Rossia" (Moscow) with such folk groups as "Lezghinka", "Kabardinka" and "Alan".                                                                          

1993 - the festival "Terek - the River of Friendship" (Nalchik). The laureate of the festival.

1994 - the festival of the Circassian Culture (Israel, Jordan). The laureate of the festival.

1996 - the fourth festival of the Circassian Culture (Israel). The laureate of the festival.

1997 - the festival "Peace to Caucasus" (Rostov - upon - Don). The laureate of the festival.

1997 - the festival of the Circassian Culture (Israel). The laureate of the festival.

1997 - Days of Adygean Culture in Moscow.

1998 - the concert of friendship with Kuban Academic Kazak Choir around the Republic of Adyghea and District Krasnodar.

2000 - the festival "Peace to Caucasus" (Nalchik). The laureate of the festival.

2000 - by the initiative of the State Group "Islamei" there was held the first International Festival of Adygean song and instrumental music.

2000 - Days of Adygean Culture in Republic of Korelia.

2001 - the tenth anniversary programme "The Returned Song".

2001 - the festival of the Circassian Culture (Israel). The laureate of the festival.

2001 - the concert in the State Central Concert Hall "Rossia" (Moscow).

2002 - the festival "Peace to Caucasus" (Nalchik). The laureate of the festival.

2003 - the festival of the Adygean folk song (Turkey).

2004 - the festival "Peace to Caucasus" (Dombai). The laureate of the festival.

2004 - the participation in the International economic forum (St. Petersbourg).

2004 - the third world festival of Adygean Culture (Maykop). The laureate of the festival.

2005 - the festival of the Adygean folk song in Kaiseri (Turkey). The laureate of the festival.

2005 - the festival "Peace to Caucasus" (Krasnodar). The laureate of the festival.

2006 - the ensemble it celebrated its 15-summer anniversary. In connection with this was carry ouied the concerts in the large cities of Russia.

On 25 may, 2006, by the President's Decree of the Republic Of Adygeya the state еnsеmblе "Islamei" it was rewarded with medal "Glory of Adygei".

2007 - solo concerts around the large cities of Turkey.

2007 - International festival of folklore skill (Is. Rhodes, Greece).

2007 - the X  festival "Peace to Caucasus" in g. Groznyy (the Chechen republic). Laureate of the festival.

2007 - the "Days of the culture of the republic Of Adygeya" in Moscow within the framework of the 450-anniversary of the voluntary entrance of Adygei into the composition of the Russian state

2007 - the ceremony of closing the V open international festival of television programs and telecine films of studio municipal of Russia  and the countries the CIS.

2008 - concert in the royal cultural center (Jordan).

2008 - the festival of the Adygean folk song in Kaiseri (Turkey). The laureate of the festival.

2008 - choreographic festival into Verona (Italy)

2009 - solo concerts in Kabardino-Balkaria, Karachay-Cherkessia, Krasnodar, Sochi;

2009 - concerts friendship with the Kuban Cossack Choir.

2010 - participation in the III International Festival of Music, Art and Folklore of the Republic of Poland, Bialystok;

2010 - participation in the XIII International Festival of Artists' Peace to the Caucasus "in Rostov-on-Don.

2011 - jubilee recitals in Maikop, Grozny (Chechnya), Moscow;

2011 - tour in the Republic of Turkey;

2011 - participation in the XIV International Festival of Artists' Peace to the Caucasus "in the city of Astrakhan.

2012 - a solo concert in the Republic of Tatarstan, Naberezhnye Chelny, Saratov;

2012 - participated in the cultural program "Sochi Center" in the XXX Olympic Summer Games and the XIV Paralympic Summer Games 2012 in London;

2012 - participated in the closing concert marathon Sochi 2014 in Sochi;

2012 - Friendship concerts in Sukhumi and Maikop State Honored with folk song and dance of Abkhazia;

2012 - participation in the XV International Festival of Artists' Peace to the Caucasus "in Anapa.

2013 - participation in the XVI International Festival of Art Masters "Peace to the Caucasus" in Nalchik.

2013 - the anniversary recital devoted his seventieth artistic director, composer A. Nekhay.

The state ensemble of folk song and dance of Adyghea "Islamei" led by my friend Aslan Nekhay, who is an extraordinary man and composer, is the soul of the Adyghe people! The ensemble is on service of a great aim to revive and promote the Adygean folk musical culture. Wherever they go they receive audiences love and respect which are proved by the full houses all over the world.
Iskhak Mashbash - the People's writer of Adyghea, Kabardino-Balkaria, Karatchaevo-Circassia.

The performance of "Islamei" gives a real feeling of an Adygean festival. All their dances and songs are shown in a way you feel the truth and care.
... "Islamei" is a phenomena in the Adygean culture.
A.Daurov - composer, Karatchaevo-Circassia.

The whole concert of "Islamei" is written as a beautiful suite, which cannot be divided into single parts. I call this programme a symphony of a song and dance. Aslan Nekhay creates new genres, which have not been known so far.
Dzhabrail Khaupa, Kabardino-Balkaria.

The talented and deeply national music of the composer and the high level of the singers and musicians' technique impressed me. I am absolutely sure it is a real classic, and Aslan Nekhay is flesh of Adygean folk's flesh. He made a great contribution into the developing of the musical culture both Adyghea and Russia.
Viktor Zakharchenko - the People's artist of Russia and Ukraine, professor.

I am very happy to meet "Islamei", to meet the art of the soul of the generous people who created these great songs and dances, which like a spring of the Big Caucasus excited not one heart of a poet. I am thankful to Aslan Nekhay, my colleague, for an excellent work with vocal, for the perfect remakes of Adygean folk songs, for his original compositions, written in the folk style, which sound as they were created by history. Many happy years to "Islamei"!
Vladimir Chernyavsky - composer, (Krasnodar).

The role of the composer in the programmer of "Islamei" seems to be imperceptible. The folklore is so original and so bright, that the work of the composer is not to identify. However it became manifold and there is a symphonic poem and a picture of the people.
V. Komisswinsky - professor, musicologist (Krasnodar).

I thank my lucky stars, that I am a contemporary of the great composer Aslan Nekhay and the perfect group "Islamei". I am happy to hear and to listen to you, to see and to watch you, to feel and to derive pleasure from the mixture of the past and the present music, in your musical masterpieces! Thank you very much!
Aleksandr Okhtov - the chairman of the Khase of the Adighe cultural and national autonomy in Karatshaevo - Circassia.

The music of "Islamei" bears the parts of the high   culture  to  us.   The  micro-key  of  the  old songs  is  not  broken,  each  note  is  carefully  kept. They were just developed and continued. Deep thoughts, which are presented in music of "Islamei" and its human warmth provoke the admiration. "Islamei" has a great and deserved success.
Dundar Emre - Turkish composer and pianist.

In December 1998 I had meetings with the members of Adighe Khase in the Eastern Turkey. Wherever I went to I showed the video recording where "Islamei" performed its "Zafak Khagaudge" rhapsody. Everyone listened holding his breath. They applauded as they were at a concert. Everyone was delighted, happy and proud to belong to the people who created such a great music and have such a brilliant composer as Aslan Nekhay.
Nadgedet Meshvez, vice-president of the International Circassian Association.  

In 2003 the state ensemble of folk song and dance of Adyghea "Islamei" participated in the festival of Adygean Culture in Turkey and performed in the cities and villages where Adygean people live. It was just a big festival of Adygean Culture.

The final concert took place in Antalia in historic Amphitheatre with 4000 spectators from the USA, Brazil, Argentina, Europe, the Middle East, Turkey and Adygean diaspora. It was the only concert with the audience from different countries that came to learn about Adygean culture. Each performance had a great success with the audience. The most popular was the "Rhapsody", which was sung twice as an encore.
Memet Edidge - deputy chairman of ADYGHE KHASE

I have travelled a lot, I have seen many folk groups, but "Islamei" is unlike any of them. It stuns with the talent of the leader, the singers and the repertoire. My soul is closely connected with "Islamei" and it sings each time I hear the group. A song, a dance is the language of the people and their history. Is it possible to stay indifferent when you hear a singer singing and when your soul flies up with her voice? I am proud of my people who have such a beautiful culture, such a brilliant group as "Islamei"
Ikhsan Udzhukhu (Germany).

The great interest to the programme "Nart symphony" is proved by the fact that the chairman of the government of Karelia S.L. Katanandov confessed that no group had impressed the Karelian audience as "Islamei" did and gave flowers to the singers to express his admiration.
G.K. Chemso - the Minister of Culture RA

Islamei! It is our returned memory, our pride and our forgotten pain. Poem-rhapsody "Zafak Khagaudge" - the return of the power, sense and honour. I would like to thank "Islamei" for its huge contribution into the culture of Adyghe. Aslan Nekhay took and kept the flame of our culture and art.
Aslanby Kuyok - the chairman of the farmers fund of  the culture and art supporting in RA.

The group "Islamei" deserves the best respect and gratitude. The special appreciation to Aslan Nekhay, a real devotee, for his great work and active view to life.
Chinghiz Izmalov - chief federal inspector in RA (2004)

The paradoxical mixture of the folk and author's styles makes "Islamei" unique. The old adygean song is performed through the prism of composer's mind-prehensile, capacious and many-sided.
Alla Sokolova - musicologist (newspaper "Sovetskaya Adygheya" of 11.06.1998)

You reminded us the ones who lived in the high mountains of Caucasus for hundreds years. We heard their voices through your singing. It seems to us we can see the descendants of Prometei, the revived Narts on the stage. Thank you very much!
I.A. Shapovalova - the Mass Media Minister of KCR (newspaper "Caucasus People" of March, 2004)

"Islamei" is a phenomena in a folk art of the North Caucasus. We have first seen the group, which truly embodied the unique adyghe culture. Our congratulations to the group leader, the group itself and Adygean people to the birth of a new brilliant group performing beauty, wealth and nobility of the ancient people - Adyghe.
(newspaper "Echo" of June, 1991)

What makes "Islamei" unique and successful is that old adygean songs and dances performed hundreds years ago got new wings, that the historic destiny of the people is performed through the scenic characters and that the folk music is enriched. Its programmes are worth seeing and deserve best stages.
(newspaper "Sovetskaya Adygheya" of 04.07.2001)

Each spectator experienced a real rainbow of feelings while listening to "Islamei". Rousing melodies and graceful dancers delighted the audience... Although the songs were sung in Adygean everyone understood them. Rasoul Gamzatov was right: "There are borders between languages but no borders between hearts".
(newspaper "Kurganinsk News" of 03.02.1994)

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