Aslan Nekhay  

Member of the Union of Composers of Russia Aslan Kasimovich Nekhay - the first professional composer Adygea, was born in the village Dzhidzhihabl Teuchezhsky district Republic of Adygea.

In 1976 he graduated from the Krasnodar Institute of Culture. In 1978 he entered the Tbilisi State Conservatoire composition faculty. He graduated with honors from the Conservatory in 1983.

Author of the first national opera "Peals of distant thunder," several major symphonic and vocal works.

Since 1985 - Member of the Russian Union of Composers. From 1992-1996. was chairman of the Composers' Union of Adygea, established on his initiative. Since 1996 - General Director of the National Philharmonic.

Today, we have every right to call
Nekhay A. classic of modern music Adyghe. First, because a number of his works laid the foundation for development of the national music genres. Second, because as model, a number of his works went to the treasury of spiritual values ​​Circassian people. And third, because A. Nekhay let him has a beneficial influence on contemporary music Adyghe takes a real part in its formation.

However, the composer must speak not only in terms of implementation of the leading trends of the present, but also to create their works of absolute aesthetic value, lifted domestic - to the value of universal human characteristic.

When it comes to professional maturity of the national culture, in addition to everything else we have in mind that it has a broken national material in human social and psychological motives.

These goals composer helps that he is very closely associated with the folk music origins, put them diverse and important initiative transforming, creating a sort of continuation of the folk tradition in the professional arts.

Nekhay let him in the Adyghe music came as a person having the aesthetic stance, with his concept of life, the desire to talk about modern contemporaries. Not only his own work, but also throughout his career, he defends the right music to be an essential part in the formation of national consciousness of the people.

One of the turning points in his work was the creation in 1991 of the State Folk Song Adygea "Islamey", the only one in the world of professional Adyghe groups playing Adyghe folk songs, artistic director, and it is to this day.

State Folk Song and Dance Adygea "Islamey" became an ornament of spiritual culture of the Republic of Adygea, and is considered the unique team that has no analogues in the musical culture of multinational Russia. The uniqueness of this is the availability of innovative tools in the music, which is used in the synthesis of various musical trends and styles, this does not violate the nature and integrity of Adyghe folk song.

State Ensemble "Islamey" works not only in the song genre. His repertoire included works of the large form such as variation, Rhapsody, rondo, etc.


1. Honored Artist of the Republic of Adygea - 1992;

2. Honoured Artist of Kabardino-Balkaria - 1993;

3. Honored Artist of the Russian Federation - 1996;

4. Honored Art Worker of Kuban - 1999;

5. Honoured Artist of the Republic of Abkhazia - 2012;

6. People's Artist of the Republic of Adygea - 2003;

7. People's Artist of the Republic of Karachay-Cherkessia - 2003;

8. People's Artist of the Russian Federation - 2006;

9. Laureate of the Government of the Republic of Adygea - 2004;

10. Laureate of the Russian Federation - 2010;

11. The owner of the medal "Glory of Adygea" - 2008;

12. The owner of the medal "International Circassian Association" - 2008;

13. Professor Emeritus of Krasnodar State University of Culture and Arts - 2013;

14 Decree of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin on April 20, 2014 253 was awarded the Order of Friendship.

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