Necklace of national culture  

VI International Festival of Adyghe (Circassian) culture has become a significant event for Adygea. The winner of the Grand Prix was the immigrant from Syria Abir Der.

Circassian Culture International Festival this year brought together more than 300 amateur and professional artists from Turkey, Israel, Jordan, the United States, as well as from the Krasnodar Territory, Karachay-Cherkessia, Kabardino-Balkaria and Adygea areas.

It was attended by well-known in Russia and abroad, actors, singers and directors of Adyghe origin: Actress and singer from the United States, Amina Jaman, Honored Artist of Russia Said Bugs, singer Astemir Apanasov, Honored Artist of Russia Shibzoukhov Basir, the filmmakers "Circassian" Robert Balaga and Slavik Balaga, filmmaker Askarby Nagaplev, director Ruslan Hachemizov, designer Madina Saralp and fashion designer Yuri Stash.

In the concert program of the festival were the leading teams of Adygea - the State Ensemble of Folk Song and Dance of Adygea "Islamey" and the State Academic Folk Dance Ensemble of Adygea "Nalmes", as well as the State Academic Dance Ensemble of Kabardino-Balkaria "Kabardinka".

- This is one of the most significant projects and anticipated events in the cultural life of our republic. It contributes to the strengthening of cultural ties not only with the Diaspora, but also in Russia and the fraternal regions, attracting public attention to the peculiarities of Circassian Culture, collecting and preserving works of Circassian Culture as folkloric and contemporary trends, as well as increased understanding of the society about the Adyghe culture - noted at the final press conference, Deputy Minister of Culture Aminat Soobtsokova.

VI International Festival of Adyghe (Circassian) culture was the largest and most saturated events in the history of which he carried in 1999. The National Museum of the Republic of Adygea opened a new exhibition "Modern and decorative arts Adygs" and "Circassians - knights, horsemen, soldiers." In the North Caucasus branch of the State Museum of Oriental Art exhibited costumes fashion designer from Kabardino-Balkaria Madina Saralp and fashion designer, honored worker of culture of Adygea Yuri Stash.

National Theatre of I.Tsey opened the theater season tragedy "Medea" by the play of the United States National Qadir Nath. Within a few days free movies were shown, reflecting Adyg history and culture. For the first time, the festival was held a scientific-practical conference "The Circassians: the interaction and interdependence of traditional and professional culture," which was attended by representatives of the legislative and executive branches of Adygea, Kabardino-Balkaria, Karachay-Cherkessia, historians, ethnographers, linguists, writers, poets, politicians and public figures, the employees of cultural institutions of Adygea and the diaspora.

On Saturday, the State Philharmonic of the Republic of Adygea hosted the awards ceremony participants of the VI International Festival of Adyghe (Circassian) culture. Awards winners and winners presented the Minister of Culture of RA Mohamed Kulov.

Grand Prix Award and 50 thousand rubles received immigrant from Syria Abir Der. She returned to their historic homeland in 2011. Possessor melodious voice said artistic director of the ensemble "Islamey" Aslan Nekhay. Despite the fact that the professional vocal education of the girl was not, she was invited to the team. During his work in the "Islamey" its level increased significantly, allowing Abir Der receive the highest award of the festival. Prize winner is going to be spent on improvement of life in Maikop, where she lives in a rented accommodation with her husband and 6 year old son.

- Victory for me - a complete surprise. I am happy that I found home and support on behalf of colleagues and friends. I want to continue to learn vocal skills, performing in the ensemble of "Islamey" and enjoy every day - Abir Der said to "SA".

Results of the competition performances were announced in the categories "vocal", "choreography" and "folk instruments."

The best in the category "vocal" was a vocal group Ensemble "Caucasus" (hands. Arsene Zhylan) of the Baksan region of Kabardino-Balkaria. The title of laureate of 2 degrees awarded Afeune Nide (hands. Thygo Hakan) from Turkey. On the third place is Moss Hazeshuk (hands. Berestovaya Hope) of Shovgenovskiy region of Adygea.

Among the best dance groups became the ensemble "Bgyrysbynher" (hands. Yanal Hatko) from Jordan.

Folk Dance Ensemble "Shapsugia" (hands. Ruslan Heyshho) of the Lazarev district of Krasnodar region was awarded the 2nd degree. 3 place was shared by dance groups "Hattie" (hands. Zyubeir Tümer Meretyko) from Turkey and "Circassians" (hands. Azamat Kemryugov) of Tahtamukaysky region of Adygea.

Award for the 1st place in the category "folk instruments" took ensemble "Badin" from Turkey (hands. Thygo Hakan).

Second jury awarded the guests of Karachay-Cherkessia - orchestra of folk instruments "Redada" (hands. Ali Juma). The winner of the Grade 3 became folk ensemble of adyg instruments "Udzh" (hands. Inver Kalakutok) Tahtamukaysky district of Adygea.

As noted by the jury, our compatriots abroad cherish the cultural heritage of their ancestors: songs, dances, folklore, and it is clearly demonstrated in the capital of Adygea, winning half of the festival awards.

- We are grateful to the Ministry of Culture of Russia for the financial support of the festival, which in the same year we were able to make the program the maximum rich and interesting, and fully demonstrate the richness of the national culture of the Circassians, - said Minister of Culture Mohamed Kulov.

Author: Elena Markova
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